Inventory for Sale

Gardiner Plastics Inc. Inventory for Sale 2021

ABS Repro Low Izod Black

ABS Repro Medium Izod Black

ACETAL Celcon M90/M270 Prime T/L,LTL
ACETAL Delrin 100P,500P Prime

ACETAL Delrin900P, 510MP, 100AF Prime

COLOR CONCENTRATE, White and Black PE or PP Base 50% loaded

HDPE Paxxon 60007 Prime T/L, LTL
HDPE Injection Grade Natural

HYTREL 4056 Natural and Black

PBT Feedstock Pellets

PBT Celanex 4300 GF Black Regrind 20,000# NEW!

PP and PE Reprocessed Black Injection and Extrusion

NYLON Zytel 101L Natural T/L, LTL

Gardiner Plastics, Inc. 2014