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Gardiner Plastics, Inc.

Gardiner Plastics is a well-known established provider of Thermoplastic Resins and Consulting Services to the Plastics Industry

With an emphasis on service and reliability, Gardiner Plastics has focused on providing quality thermoplastic resins, additives, and consulting services to the Plastics Industry.

Through a consultative partnership with our clients, we are able to define, source, and furnish resin requirements, from Certified Prime materials, through wide-specification and regrind. We offer a comprehensive line of available resins in both commodity and engineering grades, as well as additives, colorant, and purging compounds.

Our Consulting Practice has specialized in the areas of strategic planning, merger & acquisition, and organizational design, as well as working with professional associations in the Plastics Industry.

In addition, we can provide both consultative and/or hands-on management in turnaround scenarios.

Many small to medium-size processors can benefit from defining a strategy for their future. Today's dynamic economy necessitates a closer look at the formation of exit strategies, as well as growth-by-acquisition strategies for our industry.

Utilizing established relationships and networks with key plastics manufacturers and OEM companies, the professionals at Gardiner Plastics can help you with either the sale of your business, or perhaps the addition of new sales volume through either acquistion or merger.

Let us work with a problem or a specific need and design a solution for you.....

With over 35 years experience in the Plastics Industry, we look forward to the challenge of helping your company determine its future.

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